I believe that we write our story in life; but whether our story aligns to our dreams and goals for ourselves depends on the actions we take each day. Whether you are starting your triathlon journey or focused on a podium finish, my role as your coach is to create a detailed road map to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be.

Working with me one on one to achieve your goals means having a coach who will:

  • Work with you to understand your goals, motivations, life commitments
  • Create specific and measurable training and race goals
  • Establish methods to measure your progress
  • Work with you to develop your mindfulness skills and mental focus
  • Work with you to develop a race day plan you can have confidence in
  • Schedule time with you weekly to provide direction, feedback and support
  • Schedule time with you monthly to review how you are tracking to your established goals

Communication is not limited; in fact, it is encouraged!

What this means for you is you will:

  • Be able to focus your time and energy on executing your training sessions
  • Get the most out of your training by having specific and measurable goals
  • Develop the mental skills to better cope with training and race stresses
  • Become fitter/faster
  • Line up on race day with confidence

My approach to coaching is three dimensional; focusing on the body, the mind and the spirit.

  • I use an 80/20 training methodology and periodization to design individualized training plans that focus on your goals, strengths and focus areas
  • I use mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you understand your mind’s natural tendencies and to develop the skills to refocus your mind on the present and positive self-talk techniques to help you stay in the moment and focused on the process
  • I work to understand what is important to you (your why) and reinforce that in your training plan to keep you reaching for more

If this sounds like what you are looking for, let’s book a time to talk about all things you.