Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy

You are capable of more than you think you are – period.

The beauty of sport is its’ ability to nudge us to rethink what we are capable of. At times it asks us to dig deeper than we thought possible, and in that space we discover that we have more in us – we are not done. It leaves us feeling that anything is possible and opens the door to an important question…If I can do this, what else can I do? Let’s sit with that for a moment. Can you feel your future accomplishments excitedly churning in your stomach? Me too! So why are we so reluctant to announce our goals to the world and go after them.

More often than not it is our mind that holds us back, not our bodies. While a specific, measured and well executed training plan is a key element in achieving our goals, there is more. If you have ever hesitated to make the commitment to pursue an exciting personal or athletic goal or struggled to stick with it when the going gets tough, then you know it requires a certain level of defiance – and that is just plain hard and creates a sense of vulnerability in us. While our reasons for hesitation may be different, what we struggle to defy usually comes down to one thing – limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs of who we think we are, what we think we are capable of, what we fear others may think, or what we think we deserve are instant dream killers and have impeccable skill at creeping into our psyche at just the wrong time. How many times have you thought: I don’t have it in me today; I’m not a real swimmer; I’m not a strong cyclist; I’m not a fast runner; I’m not fit enough; I’m not strong enough; I’m not tough enough…?

Most of us will experience these thoughts creeping into our minds during mentally and physically challenging moments; so the goal becomes learning to effectively manage them. Defying limiting beliefs in your triathlon journey means rewriting the narrative real-time throughout the year so you arrive at race day with both a strong body and mind ready to reach your goals.

My approach to coaching is three dimensional; focusing on the body, the mind and the spirit.

  • I use an 80/20 training methodology and periodization to design individualized training plans that focus on your goals, strengths and focus areas.
  • I use mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you understand your mind’s natural tendencies and to develop the skills to refocus your thoughts on the process and important task at hand.
  • I work to understand what is important to you (your why) and incorporate it into your daily training to keep you reaching for more.